Biofeedback – Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Biofeedback is used, together with pelvic floor exercises, to:

There is strong evidence coming from the international literature supporting the use of biofeedback therapy in the treatment of dyssynergic defecation and chronic pelvic pain.

Biofeedback training for constipation resulting from pelvic dyssynergy aims to re-train, coordinate and teach how to relax pelvic floor muscles relaxation with active contraction of abdominal wall musculature generating a downward propulsive force. We strongly believe that one of the most important issues in biofeedback is to make patient aware of her/his defecation process. For this reason, before doing pelvic floor muscles exercises, patient receives a short session regarding diet, lifestyle, tricks to help bowel movements and pelvic floor anatomy. Then patient needs to learn the correct muscles to relax and contract since one of the important aims of biofeedback is to become more aware of pelvic muscles and correct defecation mechanism.

Anorectal Biofeedback Training is composed of two important parts:

  1. Exercises made with the doctor and nurse at the clinic where biofeedback device is used and gives immediate audio and visual proof of success to the patient
  2. Additional easy exercises to do at home in order to maximize the results.

Personal exercise programs are designed and planned with each patient, based on the different disorders. Biofeedback is a safe and effective technique with no known adverse side effects and up to 85-90% of success rate. Together with the exercises performed with the doctor and nurse at the clinic, we always suggest patients additional easy exercises to do at home in order to maximize the results.