Pilonidal Sinus

Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment (EPSiT)

This is a very innovative method - performed only with a tiny 5 mm incision on the sinus itself, with no ugly scars and painful wound medications. After the incision is made, a fistuloscope (Meinero fistuloscope) is gently inserted. This allows the surgeon to directly see and treat all sinus tracts. The sinus is destroyed with the coagulation performed with a monopolar electrode and then debris are gently removed with a micro-brush.

The result is a tiny 5 mm incision, without any post-operative pain and immediate possibility to resume daily activities like walking, showering and even sport.

This technique is especially designed for professional football players and other sport competitors needing to early resume daily activity but gives a big advantage to all patients, therefore avoiding the long postoperative course of the traditional techniques and the ugly scar. There is no need of any paying particular attention, except a twice a day washing with saline solution of the small incision. Esthetic results are excellent already after 7-10 days.