Pelvic floor dyssynergia

I care about medical therapy, suggesting my patients to adopt healthy lifestyle and giving them diet advises in cooperation with our clinic nutritionist and important tips to promote correct defecation habits. When necessary, we prescribe up to date medical therapy.

Biofeedback and pelvic floor rehabilitation are the backbone of therapy of obstructed defecation syndrome and are able to solve patients problems with a 95% success rate. Surgery: Surgery for ODS is rarely necessary, but in case is needed, we offer the latest up-to-date minimally invasive techniques for all female pelvic floor diseases.

Most of my surgical minimally invasive techniques are performed in a Day Surgery setting, guaranteeing a short, smooth and painless postoperative course and quick return to daily activities.

Don’t wait until your problems get more complicated, book your visit today! A female surgeon expert in female pelvic floor diseases, together with a female team, is here to help you with the utmost respect, care and dedication!