Female genital prolapse

Non-Surgical Treatment

The milestone of female genital prolapse medical therapy is biofeedback and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

In the most advanced cases, when the patients is not willing to undergo surgery, there are many different types of vaginal pessaries available which can be inserted into the vagina to support the prolapse and temporarily relieve the symptoms. In the menopause, estrogen containing cream to apply in the vagina is also very helpful.

Surgical Treatment Surgery

is curative for female genital prolapse. The principles of surgery are to correct the supportive defects and restore the normal anatomy and sexual function. This may include hitching up bladder and/or uterus and/or vagina, or repair and 'tightening' of the vagina. Depending on the condition, surgery may be performed either through the vagina or through the abdomen. In our center we are proud to offer the latest minimally invasive techniques in order to guarantee to our patients painless postoperative course and very short recovery time.