What is rectal bleeding?

Rectal bleeding happens when blood is coming out from the anus.

Blood can be bright red or dark brown, can be seen only on the paper or in the toilet or surrounding the faces.

Usually, when blood is red, it comes from the lower part of the intestine (rectum, anal canal), on the contrary, when is dark red, its origin is most probably from the upper part of the bowel (right, transverse or left colon).

Causes of rectal bleeding can be:

- Hemorrhoids: it's the most common cause of rectal bleeding, together with anal fissure (cut in the anal canal most of the time due to constipation) and anal fistula

- Proctitis: it's an inflammation of the anal canal, can be due to either radiotherapy or chronic damages to the anal canal

- Colitis: inflammation of the colon due to viral or bacterial infection or to inflammatory chronic disorders (Crohn disease or Ulcerative Colitis)

- Diverticular disease: when they get inflamed and infected, they might cause severe rectal bleeding

- Polyps or even cancer: polyps in the initial stage are normally not bleeding, they become evident with bleeding or obstruction (patient not able to pass stool) in more advances cases


Rectal bleeding can be a sign of a severe disease, please go to an expert proctologist and get checked!




What causes rectal bleeding?

Rectal bleeding can be caused by many conditions, the main are the following:

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